Of inches, feets and miles and their metric counterparts

I enjoy riding and running with Strava. But I am confused. Confused about the length of my favorite segments. For instance one of them is 0,15 miles long, starts at 1’418 ft and end at 1’424 ft. This makes an elevation of 6 ft. Simple maths. However, as I am used to measure distances in kilometers and meters, I always feel a bit fooled by the imperial system of measurement. And this makes me writing this short note, which should help me to cope with all these miles, feets and inches. The table below sets the stage.

Imperial system Metric system
1 inch 0,0254 m = 2,54 cm
1 foot = 12 inches 0,3048 m = 30,48 cm
1 yard = 3 feet = 36 inches 0,9144 m = 91,44 cm
1 mile = 1760 yard = 5280 feet = 63360 inches 1,60934 km = 1609,34 m = 160934 cm

So, done. Now, I think I have got it. You too? An example to check what we have learnd form this little note:

The Strava-Segment which measures 0,15 miles is approximately 0,2414 kilometers long. Why? Because 0,15 miles divided by 1 mile times 1,60934 kilometers is 0,2414 kilometers.

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