12 things you should do in this life (bucket list!)

This year I will get 38 years old. OLD! This tough insight hit me as I was watching sports (soccer, cycling, hockey and others) these days. The commentators spoke of „old stagers“ when they talked about 32 years old players. OMG, I thought. This guy is six years younger than I am and is called an „old stager“. And all of sudden I got aware that time is ticking. So I decided to write a bucket list, i. e. a list of things I want to do in this life which hopefully lasts for another 50 years. Here it is:

  1. Running a mile (or two) with the Olympic torch
  2. Writing an important book (no scrap, no fiction)
  3. Finding my dream woman and make her happy (leave comment if you feel addressed)
  4. Exploring the Great Barrier Reef
  5. Pressing 120 kg (264 pounds) on the bench
  6. Inventing something that makes other people’s life easier (and my banking account bursting 😉 )
  7. Visiting all continents (exept Antarctica)
  8. Reading the bible (yes, the whole bible from Genesis 1,1 to Revelation 22,21 including the apocrypha)
  9. Founding an enterprise (just a small one, because big firms would keep me too busy) – okay this not mandatory
  10. Eating a 1-pound-box of Beluga-Caviar (costs about  5’000 $)
  11. Winning the Nobel Prize in literature (very tough challenge, but fits with number two)
  12. Solving the (3n+1)-problem (also known as „Collatz problem“)

… time is running … 50 years left … so let’s start out, old stager!