You! Do you want to get fit, strong and powerful? Of course you do. Many of us wish to be in good shape. But what does a conventional sport program look like? Some hit the gym twice a week. Others do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and so on at home. And quite a lot of people are used to running, spinning, cycling, walking etc. each other day. But only a few of us get aware of one of the most effective workout ever: Jumping.

Disappointed now? I admit that jumping sounds somewhat old-fashioned. And indeed, it is old-fashioned, unspectacular, antiquated and cannot keep up the trendy workouts you can do in the fitness boutique just around the corner, where the wealthy and the beauty meet.

However, jumping is one of the most effective ways to get in great shape and stay strong. Think of a squat jump, for example. This exercise involves calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and a bunch of other lower body muscles. In addition to that a squat jump put your abs and your back muscles under pressure. Even your shoulders and arms are needed to complete the exercise. This means that a squat jump is a highly functional whole body exercise. It trains not a huge number of muscles, but also combines their individual contractions into a complex movement, which corresponds with similar movements known from team sports, tennis, running, and the like.

Try it yourself! Get on your feet, allow yourself to be creative and start jumping either outdoor or indoor. Maybe you want to get inspired. If so, look at these exercises and have fun with it.