Stop doing planking challenges

Let’s find an app to take a planking challenge. I tell you, there are dozens of apps in Google’s play store. Which one would you choose? My tip: Choose none of them. They all suffer from major shortcomings, and, hence, you won’t get stronger in the longrun. Here are two reasons, why taking planking challenges will disappoint you sooner than you might think.


Challenges keep you busy for only one month. When the challenge is over, you have no reason to keep your workout going, because you got your motivation from the app. It was fun, but it didn’t really hit you. So all the gains you achieved during the thirty days will be gone within a week or so.

Challenges set the wrong incentives. They want you to perform a particular exercise – the plank – for increasingly longer time. You start withe 20 seconds and end up with 3 minutes for example. This is good for the ego, but it makes you not stronger in the long run, because the resistance always remains the same. Therefore you are supposed to increase the resistance as soon you can hold the plank for 90 seconds. You can do this by practicing more difficult variants of the plank. So your core muscles get new incentives, which make them to adapt – i. e. getting stronger.



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“According to a 2005 study, 56 percent of soldiers who sustained injuries during the Army Physical Fitness Test did so while doing sit-ups.“ This result suggests that sit-ups might hurt your back. A better exercise to build a strong core is the plank. Try it out.

Eine Studie aus dem Jahr 2005 ergab, dass sich 56 Prozent der US-Soldaten, die sich beim Army Physical Fitness Test verletzten, ihre Blessuren bei Sit-ups erlitten. Das zeigt, dass Sit-ups Rückenleiden hervorrufen können. Die Alternative zu der auch Crunches genannten Übung sind Planken. Probiere die doch mal aus.